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The Adapted Classroom

Individualized Pathways
Customized Program Development

The Adapted Classroom is a microschool that uses an educational model designed to provide students with a personalized and enriching learning experience. Our program combines the benefits of homeschooling with the advantages of traditional schooling by providing a tailored educational experience, carefully calibrated to match each student's current level of performance, while fostering growth within a structured yet flexible classroom environment.

Maintaining a minimum 2:1 student-to-teacher ratio allows us to craft an education plan that genuinely speaks to each student's educational, behavioral, and socio-emotional needs. This flexibility enables us to continue working with students on critical concepts until mastery is achieved or advance when a student excels. Our model encourages creative lesson planning, branching out when students express keen interest or when our educators spot unplanned, yet invaluable teaching opportunities.

Each student’s educational program is unique and highly customized. During the intake process, our staff works closely with each family and collaborates with any stakeholders in the student’s academic journey, such as therapists, psychologists, former teachers and tutors, or any health and educational professional with knowledge of the student’s presence level of performance. The variables considered during program development include:

  • Academic, behavioral, and socio-emotional present level of performance

  • Academic, behavioral, and socio-emotional goals

  • Base curriculum

  • Amount and intensity of homework assignments

  • Student’s level of independence 

  • Future academic placement

At the heart of The Adapted Classroom is a commitment to enhancing the learning journey for students who might not have thrived within traditional educational environments. Our program can serve as a nurturing harbor for students seeking temporary refuge from the conventional school system, as well as a stepping-stone for those who wish to transition back into a standard classroom, offering a safe, supportive learning environment to build skills and confidence. Regardless of our students' future aspirations, we vow to foster an enriching, engaging, and positive learning space where every learner is encouraged and empowered to experience success, grow as student, and become confident in school.

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