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During The School Year

Academic Tutoring + Executive Skills Coaching

For students seeking support through the school year in both academic and executive skill areas. Each student's program is tailored to strike the correct balance between academic and executive skill support. Academic support blends homework completion, test and quiz preparation, long-term project management, study strategies, and all executive skill areas including planning, organization, time-management, and prioritization skills. 

Executive Skills Coaching​

For students who need intensive executive skill support and minimal academic tutoring. We coach students to strengthen executive skill areas such as planning, organization, time-management, and prioritizing of work. We teach these skills in the meaningful context of the student's actual homework, helping them to develop and execute a plan of action. Students will achieve better grades and reduced homework anxiety. These skills are paramount to success across multiple environments including college, the work place, and daily life. 

Academic Enrichment

For students who would like to go beyond what is being taught in class or simply improve specific content knowledge. We provide academic tutoring that enriches classroom instruction and prepares students for what's ahead. Each program is unique and depends on the student's current mastery level, progression goals, and production rate. We also help students of all ages fill foundational gaps in reading, writing, and math by developing personalized programs with tailored sequencing and materials. 

Custom Reading Programs and Phonemic Awareness

For emerging readers. We help to improve fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling by drawing from a number of reading instruction resources. We have staff members trained in Orton-Gillingham's multisensory approach to phonemic awareness. We have years of experience working with students with dyslexia and other reading disorders. Each student's program is built to strengthen the areas that are keeping them behind.

During The Summer

Foundation Building

For students who want to hone their academic acumen, there is no better time than the summer to do so. We help students fill foundational holes in math, science, reading, and writing. We can help young readers and writers learn how to annotate and write analytical paragraphs. We can help students learn to write research papers, properly site sources, and build work cited pages. We can build programs to improve students' comprehension, fluency, spelling, and grammar. We are well versed in the sequencing of all math, science, and language arts concepts for K-12 classes.


For students who want to preview next year's course content. We help students learn key concepts that will carry them through next school year's math and science courses. We are familiar with FCPS course blueprints, sequencing, and scope and use this to develop custom programming. This service can incorporate note-taking, practices quizzes, and executive skills coaching in addition to the content support. Students will be able to take a binder with them into class on the first day of school.

Summer Assignment Assistance

For students seeking support with intensive summer assignments. We can help students break down assignments into manageable chunks and provide tutoring to optimize learning. This service can incorporate note-taking, practices quizzes, and executive skills coaching in addition to the content support.

College Planning

For students who need support through the college search and application process. We can help student develop a list of schools, manage applications, keep track of deadlines , and assist with essays. We understand the college process is daunting and requires impeccable planning and organizational skills to succeed

Other Services

504 and IEP Support

For families we work with, once we have a sense of your student's profile and learning pattern, we can contribute to the student IEP's Present Level of Performance page and share our observations with the IEP team. We can help develop a list of accommodations that will help "level the playing field" for the student. 

Adapted Classroom

For students who are not in traditional brick and mortar schools. We can help students who are seeking alternative options other than traditional school. We are well versed in home school and distance learning programs and can help families navigate the complex world of online education and accreditation.

Free Consultations!

Because each student has a unique situation, we conduct free consultations to develop a customized set of services that best suits their needs and goals. Our service works best when we work as a team; we collaborate with teachers, mentors, and health professionals to optimize success.

Consults can be conducted in-person, over the phone, or by remote video. 

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