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About Us

Meet Colton Turner, StudyHouse Owner

Colton has over 16 years of experience working with students of all ages and abilities, including those with IEPs, 504s, 2E profiles, and various learning challenges. He has a special interest in working with students who are learning to cope with ADHD and executive functioning deficits, and teaching them strategies that result in better school performance and healthy long-term outcomes.


Colton's journey in education began with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from VCU in 2007. After gaining valuable experience in various educational roles, including instructional assistant, substitute teacher, and tutor, he joined MLS Educational Consultants in 2009, working his way to become the Program Director and gaining valuable education and leadership experience. It was during these years that Colton recognized the need for addressing executive skills deficits and providing effective study skills and strategies. 


In 2019, Colton left MLS and opened CMT Education, offering personalized tutoring services in his hometown of Vienna, VA. Working with students in their homes and at the local libraries, he quickly built a solid reputation and a strong base of students. As demand grew, Colton converted his garage into a fully finished classroom in 2020 to accommodate the increasing number of students seeking support. It was at this time that Colton founded the Adapted Classroom, a microschool that provides an education to students who need individualized support and have been unable to thrive in brick and mortar schools. 


After earning his M. ED  in Special Education from the American College of Education in 2023, Colton opened StudyHouse, an educational consulting and tutoring center located in the heart of Vienna. This move allowed him to provide a comprehensive range of services in a dedicated learning environment. With StudyHouse, Colton has created a hub for academic support, enabling students to thrive academically and develop essential executive skills necessary for success.


At StudyHouse, Colton's approach to education is grounded in personalized guidance and creating a positive and empowering learning environment. He understands the unique strengths and challenges of each student and tailors instruction to their specific needs. Colton's patient and empathetic approach fosters a safe space where students feel supported, encouraged, and inspired to reach their full potential.


Looking ahead, Colton envisions StudyHouse continuing to grow and make a lasting impact on students' lives. By remaining dedicated to personalized instruction, executive skills coaching, and a student-centric approach, StudyHouse will continue to provide exceptional support and empower students to overcome challenges, achieve their academic goals, and unlock their true potential.

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