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What We Do

Private Tutoring
Collegiate Tutoring
The Adapted Classroom
504 + IEP Support
Free Consultations

Launch is a combination of executive skills coaching and academic content support. Our instructors work directly with students to help them develop workload awareness, prioritize assignments, and form work completion plans. Students receive academic support that is tailored to their needs, often focusing on enrichment, study skills, and preteaching of subject matter. Ultimately, we aim to scaffold our support so students can thrive independently. 

Private Tutoring is customized one-on-one specific subject support. We provide enrichment through direct instruction by reinforcing current concepts, pre-teaching upcoming concepts, and filling gaps in knowledge. We design a program of study specific to the unique needs and goals of each student.

Collegiate Tutoring is designed to help college students balance work, school, and social life while also providing academic and executive skill support. We meet virtually and focus on developing work completion plans that guide students to success. We work to develop rapport and provide accountability as they learn to work independently in a college setting.

The Adapted Classroom is a microschool that uses an educational model designed to provide students with a personalized and enriching learning experience. Our program combines the benefits of homeschooling with the advantages of traditional schooling by providing a tailored educational experience, carefully calibrated to match each student's current level of performance, while fostering growth within a structured yet flexible classroom environment.

For families we work with, once we have a sense of your student's profile and learning pattern, we can contribute to the student IEP's Present Level of Performance page and share our observations with the IEP team. We can help develop a list of accommodations that will help "level the playing field" for the student. 

Because each student has a unique situation, we conduct free consultations to develop a customized set of services that best suits their needs and goals. Our service works best when we work as a team; we collaborate with teachers, mentors, and health professionals to optimize success.

Consults can be conducted in-person, over the phone, or by remote video. 

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